Poems read by Tom Glannon. (videos)

Tom does not write poetry, he performs the poetry of other poets. He reads poetry extensively and has an amazing feel for words. He has taken poetry reading to a new level.

I met Tom when he came to my Poetry Open Mic and his readings blew my mind. I invited him to join Energy Theater.          Walter Ness

One person attendign the first performance by Tom at Energy Theater wrote, "I didn't think this would work but he wound up my favorite during the Energy Theater performance."

Poems of Samuel Amadon & James Wright

Tom reads two poems performed in Energy Theater 3.
The first poem was written by Samuel Amadon
"The Harford Book" may be bought at this link.

The second poem "A Blessing" was written by James Wright.


Poetry by Jeff Wordly Sheryl Lee

Tom reads two relationship poems performed in Energy Theater 4, Love in Bloom.