There came a time in my life when I started to feel the urge to express my poetry as a performance art, to see how my emotions could be expressed through words.

Because I'm into energy sensitivity and vibrations that people emit I wanted an environment where people who are also energy sensitive could get together and share their artistic side using poetry.

I decided to call the group "New Beat Poets" because I liked how the beatniks were represented as people who were into vibes. I included the word "New" because while the beatniks were trend setters in the area of energy, today an energy person is more sophisticated in how chi, life energy works.

I wrote this poem a long time ago not realizing that that it would inspire me to create a poetry group called, New Beat Poets.

The Beatniks of the Fifties,
Hipsters of Slang,
they traveled winding roads,
their destination, where minds meet,
the place to be,
vibrated with its own beat.
Cool Cats,
they chose the feline as their symbol of being,
because they knew,
cats are natural born swingers,
cats are natural singers,
cats are purrrveyors of great sound,
every time a cat sings, you know,
it’s going to sound,
like a cat’s Meow.


Walter Ness, New Beat Poets.